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Welcome to the world of wine lovers! Perhaps you’ve been searching for that perfect bottle to light up your dinner table without breaking the bank. You might be wondering if it’s possible to discover a wine that brings both quality and affordability together in one harmonious blend. Good news, there’s a hidden gem waiting for you. Introducing Bonanza Wine by the Wagner Family, famous for their exquisite Caymus Cabernet Sauvignons.

As they bring over four decades of winemaking expertise, this delightful Cabernet Sauvignon is no exception when it comes to exceptional taste and sophistication. It promises flavors that dance on your palate and leave a lasting impression – all at an accessible price point.

In our comprehensive blog post, we’ll take you through everything from what makes Bonanza Wine so special to where you can find a bottle for yourself. We’ll even delve into reviews from fellow enthusiasts who have sipped and savored its opulent bouquet of flavors. Ready to elevate your everyday with elegance? Let’s explore together!

Tasting Notes and Description of Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon

Experience the exceptional flavors of Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon, with its rich notes of dark berries, vanilla, and toast. Its silky tannins and deep ruby color make it a standout choice for wine lovers everywhere.

Flavors of dark berries, vanilla, and toast

Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle
Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle
Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich and nuanced red wine that captivates the senses with its medium ruby red hue. This exquisite wine opens with enticing aromas of currants, dried roses, grape pomace, and freshly tilled soil. The nose is complemented by toasty oak, adding a subtle smoked meat character to the overall experience. With a varietal designation of Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine boasts flavors of blueberries and blackberries, harmoniously mingling with the warmth of vanilla and toasted bread. The palate is treated to silky tannins, delivering a striking smoothness that leads to a mouthwatering, lengthy finish highlighted by notes of unsweetened chocolate and cassis. 

  • Complex Flavor: Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon offers a sophisticated blend of blueberries, blackberries, vanilla, and toasty oak, creating a rich and enjoyable taste.
  • Silky Tannins, Smooth Finish: The wine's silky tannins provide a velvety texture, and the lengthy finish with notes of unsweetened chocolate and cassis leaves a lasting impression.
  • Versatile Pairing: With its diverse flavor elements, this Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with various dishes, making it a versatile choice for different meals.
  • Moderate Alcohol Content: The 12 percent alcohol by volume may be considered moderate for those seeking a bolder red wine experience.
  • Limited Availability: Availability of Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon may vary by region, potentially limiting accessibility for some consumers.
  • Toasty Oak Influence: The toasty oak's smoked meat character, while adding complexity, may be more pronounced than desired for those who prefer wines with minimal oak influence.

Savor the rich tapestry of flavors with every sip of Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon. Imagine your taste buds coming alive as they meet the lush, ripe sensations of dark berries bursting forth.

These are not just any fruit notes; they’re like a bushel of the freshest blackberries and blueberries handpicked from California’s sun-drenched vineyards. Layered within this luscious fruit profile is a comforting hint of vanilla—a sweet, creamy whisper that enhances the complexity.

The experience wouldn’t be complete without the final touch—the warm, inviting aroma of toasty bread. This subtle nuance weaves through each glass like golden threads in fine fabric, elevating the wine’s character and adding depth to its already opulent blend of flavors.

As these elements combine, each mouthful delivers an everyday elegance that transforms even simple meals into memorable dining experiences.

Silky tannins

Silky tannins give Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon a smooth and luxurious mouthfeel, enhancing the overall drinking experience. Derived from the skins, seeds, and stems of grapes during fermentation, these tannins contribute to the wine’s structure while providing a velvety texture that lingers on the palate.

The result is a well-balanced wine with a gentle grip and soft finish that complements the rich flavors of dark berries, vanilla, and toast.

Bonanza’s silky tannins perfectly integrate with its deep ruby color and ripe plum aromas for an elegant profile. The refined nature of these tannins showcases the craftsmanship behind this exceptional California wine without overpowering its luscious fruit flavors or complex aromatic notes.

Deep ruby color

The Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon has a deep ruby color, catching the eye with its rich and vibrant hue. This visually appealing wine sets the stage for an indulgent tasting experience.

The deep crimson shade hints at the intense flavors of dark berries, vanilla, and toasty bread waiting to be savored within each glass. Bonanza’s captivating appearance is just a glimpse into the exceptional delight that awaits your palate.

Rich in antioxidants, darkly pigmented wines like this convey not only a stunning visual allure but also offer potential health benefits. Beyond being visually striking, this deep ruby colored wine carries an air of sophistication that pairs beautifully with any occasion – from intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations.

Exceptional Support for Bonanza Wine

Embrace the simple pleasures of everyday elegance with Bonanza Wine. Each sip offers exceptional taste and quality, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Simple pleasures meet exceptional taste

Savor the simple pleasure of exceptional taste with Bonanza Wine. Revel in the rich flavors of dark berries, vanilla, and toasty bread as you indulge in every sip. This Cabernet Sauvignon embodies everyday elegance, making it perfect for any occasion.

Embrace the luscious fruit and silky tannins that define this wine’s remarkable character. The medium ruby red color and nuanced aroma create an unparalleled sensory experience. Elevate your dining experience with Bonanza Wine – a testament to the simple pleasures of life fused with exceptional taste.

Discover how this extraordinary wine effortlessly combines accessibility and sophistication, setting a new standard for enjoyment and quality.

Everyday elegance

Experience the everyday elegance of Bonanza Wine, a testament to the simple pleasure of savoring good wine with dinner. This exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon offers flavors of dark berries, vanilla, and toasty bread notes, creating a sophisticated yet approachable experience.

Sourced from California’s overlooked vineyard sites, this wine showcases the hidden treasures within the terroir, providing casual wine drinkers and enthusiasts alike with an outstanding selection that exudes sophistication without pretension.

Discover the nuanced aromas and flavors of Bonanza Lot 6 Cabernet Sauvignon – from luscious fruit to hints of cocoa and vanilla – all wrapped in silky tannins for a beautifully balanced sip.

Where to Find Bonanza Wine

You can find Bonanza Wine available for purchase online or at stores like Costco. With its exceptional flavors and everyday elegance, it’s a great addition to any wine collection.

Available for purchase online

Bonanza Wine, including the acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 6, is conveniently available for purchase online. With just a few clicks, wine enthusiasts and collectors can have this exceptional wine delivered right to their doorstep.

This means that lovers of luscious dark berry flavors and silky tannins can easily enjoy the simple pleasures of Bonanza Wine from the comfort of their homes.

For those seeking everyday elegance and exceptional taste, acquiring Bonanza Wine online offers convenience and access to California’s hidden treasures in terroir. Whether it’s for casual enjoyment or to add to a collection, purchasing Bonanza Wine online ensures that you don’t have to miss out on its brilliant blueberry and blackberry flavors with scents of vanilla and toasty bread notes.

Sold in stores like Costco

If you prefer the convenience of purchasing in-store, you’ll be delighted to find Bonanza Wine available at popular retailers like Costco. This allows you to explore the captivating flavors and velvety tannins of Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon while browsing through your local store’s wine selection.

Whether for a special occasion or simply to unwind with a glass after a long day, being able to pick up a bottle from familiar stores offers added convenience.

Additionally, finding Bonanza Wine in stores like Costco provides an opportunity for casual wine enthusiasts and collectors alike to easily access this exceptional wine. With its affordable price point and outstanding quality, having it stocked at accessible locations makes it convenient for everyone to experience the delightful flavors and elegance that define Bonanza Wine.

Reviews and Pricing for Bonanza Wine

Discover what other wine enthusiasts are saying about Bonanza Wine and find out how its pricing compares to other wines on the market. Whether you’re a casual wine drinker or a seasoned sommelier, there’s something special waiting for you with Bonanza Wine.

Customer wine reviews

Wine enthusiasts rave about Bonanza Wine, describing it as a delightful blend of luscious fruit and silky tannins. Many casual wine drinkers express their satisfaction with the deep ruby color and smooth texture of Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon.

The exceptional value at $22 per 750ml bottle has garnered positive reviews across various platforms, making it a must-try for those seeking everyday elegance in their wine collection.

The vintage’s complex aroma and flavor profile have impressed sommeliers and casual drinkers alike, with mentions of dark berries, vanilla, toasty bread, cassis, and cocoa being common highlights.

Cost and value compared to other wines on the market

Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon offers exceptional value at $22 for a 750ml bottle, making it an affordable option for wine enthusiasts seeking high-quality California wines. Compared to other wines on the market, Bonanza’s price point provides excellent value without compromising on taste and complexity.

This makes it an ideal choice for casual wine drinkers looking to explore sophisticated flavors without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, the exceptional support and rave customer reviews affirm that Bonanza Wine delivers unparalleled quality at a competitive price point. Its exceptional features distinguish it as a top choice in the world of fine wines.


Experience the exceptional flavors of Bonanza Wine – a testament to the simple pleasure of good wine. Discover luscious fruit, dark chocolate, and silky tannins in every sip. Elevate everyday moments with the elegance of Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon.

Uncover hidden treasures within California’s terroir through brilliant blueberry and blackberry notes. Celebrate diverse aromas like cocoa, cassis, and vanilla at a budget-friendly price for wine enthusiasts.


1. What makes Bonanza Wine’s flavors exceptional?

Bonanza Wine’s exceptional flavors stem from quality California grapes and meticulous winery processes.

2. Can I find different types of wine at Bonanza Wine?

Yes, Bonanza Wine offers diverse wines like Merlot with dark chocolate notes and a California essence in Chardonnay.

3. Where does Bonanza Wine get its grapes from?

Bonanza Wines feature carefully chosen California grapes, renowned for high quality, creating distinctive flavors.

4. Is there a way to tour the Bonanza Winery?

Explore the bonanza winery to witness wine crafting in the cellar; check for available tours or tastings.

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