Bread And Butter Wine: Elevate Your Palate With Exceptional Taste

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Are you tired of picking the same old wines? Many wine lovers find themselves in a rut, reaching for familiar labels without exploring new flavors. You crave something different but don’t know where to start. Discovering a wine that is both exceptional and enjoyable should not be a challenge. Bread & Butter Wine offers just that – an inviting journey into the world of elegant tastes designed to elevate your palate.

With their array of collections crafted by skilled winemakers Linda Trotta and Matt Shuplock, this brand brings the classic Napa Valley experience right to your glass. This blog will guide you through their unique offerings and show you where to find them, making it easy to step up your wine game. Get ready for an elevated sip!

About Bread & Butter Wines

Bread & Butter Wines, crafted by winemakers Linda Trotta and Matt Shuplock, offer a range of collections including Everyday, Reserve, Napa, and Cellar. These wines are designed to elevate your palate with exceptional taste.

Winemakers Linda Trotta and Matt Shuplock

Linda Trotta and Matt Shuplock stand at the helm of Bread & Butter Wines, steering the brand towards new heights with their expertise and inventive approaches. Linda’s vision has brought fresh excitement to the world of wine, as seen in her enthusiasm for the newly introduced canned Pinot Noir.

Her affinity for creating wines that resonate on a deeper level is evident in every bottle. The Chardonnay under her guidance bursts with rich creaminess, owed to meticulous oak aging and malolactic fermentation.

Matt Shuplock brings his own set of skills to complement Linda’s experience. His dedication ensures each wine from Bread & Butter offers an exquisite palate sensation characterized by bold flavors and fruitforward profiles.

Together, they focus on crafting wines that deliver an exceptional flavor without pretense or complication—the core philosophy of Bread & Butter Wines. Their collaboration results in creations like the California Pinot Noir — praised for its smooth taste and ability to elevate any culinary experience it accompanies.

Everyday, Reserve, Napa, and Cellar Collections

Bread & Butter Wines craft a sip of California’s sprawling vineyards in every bottle. Their collections cater to both casual drinkers and serious collectors, offering a range of experiences from the laid-back to the luxurious.

  • Everyday Collection: These wines are your go-to for any day of the week. They’re easy-drinking and perfect for those moments when you just want to unwind. The Everyday Collection includes varietals with rich and creamy flavors that delight the palate without requiring a special occasion.
  • Reserve Collection: Step it up a notch with the Reserve Collection. This selection offers a more complex flavor profile, designed for those special moments that call for an extraordinary wine. With aromas of oak and tropical fruit flavors, these bottles bring an element of sophistication to any table.
  • Napa Collection: Experience the heart of California wine country with the Napa Collection. It transports you straight to the sunny slopes of Napa Valley. Savor bold flavors matured in white oak, providing an indulgent taste synonymous with this world-renowned wine region.
  • Cellar Collection: Reserved for the most discerning enthusiasts, the Cellar Collection is Bread & Butter’s premium line. Ideal for aging or enjoying on significant occasions, these wines exhibit a masterful blend of Fruitforward character combined with a creamy texture that persists on the palate, ensuring each sip is a memorable one.

Featured Wines

Indulge in the rich and smooth Bread & Butter Pinot Noir, with its delightful notes of vanilla and cherry. Or opt for the creamy and vibrant Chardonnay, showcasing tropical fruit flavors.

And don’t miss out on the complex yet approachable Cabernet Sauvignon, offering a bold and velvety taste experience.

Bread & Butter Pinot Noir, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

Sip on the Bread & Butter Pinot Noir and experience a California classic that captures the imagination. This red wine is fruit-forward, offering an exquisite blend of soft flavors with hints of wood and cured meat.

Bread & Butter Pinot Noir, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle
Bread & Butter Pinot Noir, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle
Bread & Butter Pinot Noir, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

The Bread & Butter Pinot Noir offers an undeniably juicy experience, bursting with cherries, raspberries, and a touch of cassis. Rich flavors of fresh fruit join with soft oak to create a beautifully long, smooth finish. Presented in a 750 mL bottle, this red wine is crafted from the finest Pinot Nero grapes, boasting a fleshy, supple texture that delights the palate. Ideal for pairing with duck, game birds, casseroles, or hearty stews like beef bourguignon, this wine with 13.5% ABV is sure to elevate any dining occasion.

  • Rich Fruit Flavor: Bursting with the vibrant taste of cherries, raspberries, and cassis, this Pinot Noir offers a delightful fruit-forward experience.
  • Smooth Finish: Enjoy a velvety-smooth finish that lingers on the palate, enhancing the overall drinking pleasure.
  • Versatile Pairing: Ideal for pairing with a variety of dishes, from poultry to hearty stews, this wine's versatility makes it a great choice for diverse culinary experiences.
  • Limited Availability: Depending on your location, Bread & Butter Pinot Noir may not be readily accessible in all markets, limiting availability for some consumers.
  • Moderate Alcohol Content: Some enthusiasts may prefer wines with different alcohol content, affecting personal preference.
  • Oak Influence: While the soft oak notes contribute to the wine's complexity, individuals who prefer wines with minimal oak influence may find this aspect less appealing.

As you enjoy this 750 mL bottle, expect a long and smooth finish that’s become characteristic of the Bread & Butter brand. The winemaker Linda Trotta takes pride in crafting wines that speak to both casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike, ensuring each glass poured is more than just a drink—it’s a moment to savor.

The 2021 vintage shines as it brings together rich taste with an aroma profile that delights your senses. It stands out for its delicate balance, seamlessly pairing bold flavors with a creamy texture—a result of careful aging.

Ideal for any occasion or gourmet food pairing, this Pinot Noir doesn’t just elevate your palate; it creates memorable culinary experiences. Whether you’re an avid collector or simply looking to indulge in fine dining at home, Bread & Butter’s signature Pinot Noir represents epicurean delight in every drop.

Bread & Butter Chardonnay, White wine, 750 mL Bottle

Transitioning from the robust flavors of Bread & Butter Pinot Noir, let’s delve into the creamy richness of Bread & Butter Chardonnay. This exquisite white wine offers an exceptional taste experience with its rich and velvety texture coupled with tropical fruit flavors.

Bread & Butter Chardonnay, White wine, 750 mL Bottle
Bread & Butter Chardonnay, White wine, 750 mL Bottle
Bread & Butter Chardonnay, White wine, 750 mL Bottle

The Bread & Butter Chardonnay, a 750 mL bottle of exquisite white wine, promises a rich and memorable experience. Crafted solely from 100% Chardonnay grapes, it boasts creamy notes of vanilla bean, almond, and a hint of tropical fruit. With balanced acidity and savory oak undertones, it culminates in a long, smooth finish, leaving your palate craving for more. Indulge in its lush flavors, perfect for pairing with winter vegetables, roasted meats/seafood, and rich sauces.

  • Rich Flavor Profile: Savor the harmonious blend of vanilla bean, almond, and tropical fruit, offering a delightful sensory experience with each sip.
  • Versatile Pairing: Perfectly complement winter vegetables, roasted meats/seafood, and rich sauces, making it an ideal choice for various culinary occasions and dishes.
  • Smooth Finish: Enjoy the smooth finish of this Chardonnay, enhancing your wine-drinking pleasure.
  • Oak Influence: While some may appreciate the savory oak undertones, others may find it slightly overpowering, depending on personal preferences.
  • Limited Varietal: Exclusively made from Chardonnay grapes, it may not appeal to those seeking a wider variety of wine options.
  • Alcohol Content: With a 13.5% alcohol content, it may be seen as high for those preferring lower levels.

The Chardonnay is carefully crafted to reflect time spent in oak and undergoes malolactic fermentation, resulting in a flavor profile that boasts aromatic notes of oak alongside a delectable blend of almond and vanilla.

Bread & Butter Chardonnay provides an indulgent sensory journey, offering a palate sensation like no other. The influence of white oak imparts a subtle creaminess that perfectly complements its bold flavors.

Bread and Butter Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

Bread and Butter Cabernet Sauvignon, a rich red wine from California, delivers exceptional flavor with every sip. This well-crafted wine boasts bold flavors of dark fruit and is complemented by notes of oak and vanilla.

Bread and Butter Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle
Bread and Butter Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle
Bread and Butter Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine, 750 mL Bottle

The rich flavors of Bread and Butter Cabernet Sauvignon come alive in this captivating red wine crafted from the finest California vineyards. This 750 mL bottle features an elegant expression of the Cabernet Sauvignon varietal, boasting enchanting aromas of mocha, ripe berries, violets, and blackcurrant. With layers of subtle black pepper, toasted oak, and rich vanilla, each sip unfolds a symphony of flavors. Delight in the luscious mouthfeel, accentuated by soft tannins and a hint of spice, culminating in a smooth, lingering finish. Whether shared with friends or savored alone, The Bread and Butter Cabernet Sauvignon promises a truly satisfying experience.

  • Flavorful complexity: Enjoy a harmonious blend of ripe blackberry, chocolate-covered cherries, and subtle hints of black pepper and vanilla.
  • Smooth mouthfeel: Delight in a round and luscious texture, complemented by soft tannins for a silky-smooth experience.
  • Lingering finish: Each sip leaves a lasting impression with a smooth and lingering finish, inviting you to savor the rich flavors.
  • Limited availability: Availability may vary, making it challenging for some consumers to consistently purchase.
  • Price point: While offering exceptional quality, it may fall into a higher price range compared to similar wines.
  • Oak influence: The toasted oak notes may be overpowering for some, especially those preferring more subtle oak characteristics.

Its smooth texture and full-bodied profile make it an indulgent choice for any wine enthusiast seeking a luxurious palate sensation. The Bread & Butter Cabernet Sauvignon perfectly pairs with gourmet foods, enhancing the dining experience with its elegant flavor profile.

Crafted for those who appreciate fine wine experiences, the Bread & Butter Cabernet Sauvignon offers a delightfully rich taste that reflects an artisanal approach to winemaking. With tropical fruit flavors intertwining seamlessly with white oak influences, this premium wine elevates any gastronomic adventure into an epicurean delight.

What Makes Bread & Butter Wines Unique

Bread & Butter Wines offer a classic Napa Valley wine experience with an easy-to-approach brand and exceptional taste. These honest and delicious wines boast rich notes of vanilla, almond, and tropical fruit that make them stand out from the rest.

Classic Napa Valley wine experience

Savor the classic Napa Valley wine experience with Bread & Butter Wines, known for their genuine, down-to-earth approach to winemaking. The brand offers a laid-back yet sophisticated ambiance for indulging in their carefully crafted wines that reflect the rich terroir of Napa Valley.

With a focus on authentic flavors and exceptional quality, visitors can enjoy an immersive tasting experience that beautifully captures the essence of California’s renowned wine region.

Bread & Butter Wines encapsulate the true spirit of Napa Valley, presenting an opportunity for wine enthusiasts to explore elegant and flavorful varietals such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in an inviting setting.

Easy to approach brand with exceptional taste

Bread & Butter Wines is an easy-to-approach brand that offers exceptional taste without the need to overcomplicate your wine experience. This brand offers quality wines at great prices in an authentic, homey atmosphere for wine enthusiasts.

The wines offer a delightful blend of vanilla, almond, and tropical fruit notes, appealing to both casual drinkers and collectors.

Customers can indulge in the delicious and honest wines produced by Bread & Butter without feeling intimidated by complex flavor profiles or exorbitant prices. Whether you’re seeking a rich and creamy Chardonnay or a fruit-forward Pinot Noir, Bread & Butter has something to satisfy every palate.

This brand makes premium wine accessible to all who appreciate fine flavors, blending approachability with excellence.

Honest and delicious wines

Crafted with care and dedication, Bread & Butter wines stand out for their honest and delicious flavors. Each bottle reflects the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional taste without overcomplicating the experience.

With rich notes of vanilla, almond, and tropical fruit, these wines offer a delightful palate sensation that wine enthusiasts, collectors, and casual drinkers alike can indulge in.

Bread & Butter wines are known for their authenticity and homey atmosphere, allowing wine lovers to savor simple pleasures. Whether it’s the fruit-forward Pinot Noir or the creamy Chardonnay reflecting time spent in oak barrels, each sip offers a genuine expression of California winemaking at its finest.

The brand’s commitment to quality at an affordable price enables all to enjoy these delicious creations and refine their palate.

Elevate your wine indulgence by exploring Bread & Butter’s collection featuring classic Napa Valley experiences and easy-to-approach brands with exceptional taste. Let’s delve into what makes these wines unique from other California offerings.

Rich notes of vanilla, almond, and tropical fruit

Indulge in the exceptional flavor profile of Bread & Butter wines, boasting rich notes of vanilla, almond, and tropical fruit. The creamy texture and bold flavors offer a gastronomic delight for wine enthusiasts seeking an elevated palate sensation.

Crafted to offer genuine and honest wines, Bread & Butter guarantees a delightful sip with its classic Napa Valley touch and approachable brand.

Elevate your culinary experience by pairing these artisanal Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Prosecco selections with gourmet food for an epicurean delight. Whether enjoying a fine dining experience or savoring simple pleasures at home, Bread & Butter wines promise to deliver exceptional taste without overcomplicating the indulgence.

Where to Buy Bread & Butter Wines

You can buy Bread & Butter Wines online at or in-store at Barrel & Vine for a convenient shopping experience.

Online at

Find the full range of Bread & Butter wines online at Browse and discover a variety of options, including their acclaimed Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and more.

Indulge in the convenience of ordering your favorite Bread & Butter wines directly from the comfort of your home.

Explore special promotions and exclusive offers when you shop for Bread & Butter wines at Find exceptional deals on these rich and creamy California wines, with aromatic notes of oak and tropical fruit flavors.

In-store at Barrel & Vine

Barrel & Vine offers wine enthusiasts, collectors, and casual drinkers the opportunity to experience Bread & Butter Wines in person. The store’s well-curated selection provides a range of options featuring various collections from the brand.

Customers can explore delightful flavors such as rich Chardonnay with creamy textures and Pinot Noir boasting fruit-forward yet smooth taste profiles. With its dedicated focus on quality wines at reasonable prices, Barrel & Vine is a go-to destination for those seeking an authentic and enjoyable wine-tasting experience.

Wine lovers visiting Barrel & Vine have access to knowledgeable staff who are passionate about helping customers discover new flavors and pairings. The inviting atmosphere allows patrons to indulge in Bread & Butter Wines while exploring gourmet food offerings that complement the unique flavor profiles of each bottle.

Whether you’re looking for an exceptional bottle or seeking expert advice on pairing your favorite wine with artisanal bread or other fine dining options, Barrel & Vine is equipped to help elevate your palate with exceptional taste.


Elevate your palate with Bread & Butter Wines. Enjoy rich, creamy textures and bold flavors in each sip. Indulge in exceptional taste without overcomplicating the experience. Elevate your wine selection today for a gastronomic delight!


1. What is Bread and Butter wine known for?

Bread and Butter wine is known for its exceptional taste and ability to elevate the palate with rich flavors.

2. How should Bread and Butter wine be served?

Bread and Butter wine is best served slightly chilled, around 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit, to enhance its flavors.

3. Are there different varieties of Bread and Butter wine?

Yes, Bread and Butter offers a range of varietals including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc.

4. Can I pair Bread and Butter wine with food?

Absolutely! Bread and Butter wines pair well with seafood, meats, and creamy pastas alike.

5. Where can I purchase Bread and Butter wines?

You can buy Bread and Butter wines in stores or online from various retailers or the winery’s site.

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