Delola Wine: Premium Organic Wine From Spain

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Are you tired of the same old wines and looking for something unique and delicious? You’re not alone. Many wine lovers are on the hunt for new flavors that excite the palate without compromising on quality or health benefits. Enter Delola Wine, a premium organic wine brand from Spain that’s capturing the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere.

Founded by none other than Jennifer Lopez, this brand stands out with its commitment to using only premium organic ingredients. Delola Wine offers more than just exceptional taste; it’s crafted with your health and enjoyment in mind. Each bottle is filled with natural botanicals, making these wines gluten-free and lower in calories compared to many traditional options.

If you’re someone who appreciates fine liquor but is mindful about what you consume, Delola Wine could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything Delola has to offer — from its delicious range of flavors like Bella Berry Spritz to how easy it is to get these fantastic wines delivered right to your door. Get ready for a journey into a world where premium meets healthy. Ready for a sip?

About Delola Wine

Delola Wine was founded by Jennifer Lopez and is made with premium organic ingredients. The wine offers three delicious flavors: Bella Berry Spritz, L’Orange Spritz, and Paloma Rosa Spritz.

Founded by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez took her passion for premium spirits and natural botanicals to create Delola Wine, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the wine industry. Her vision was clear: offer wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike an organic option that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality.

With sustainability at its heart, every bottle of Delola celebrates the rich heritage of Spanish winemaking while embracing modern, eco-friendly practices.

Under Jennifer’s guidance, Delola has introduced a line of crafted cocktails that are not only delicious but also lower in calories and gluten-free. By carefully selecting the finest organic ingredients, she ensures each sip delivers unmatched flavor and purity.

This commitment to excellence is what sets Delola apart in the world of premium liquor, making it a favorite among both wine collectors and those new to the experience.

The creation process involves meticulous attention to detail from vineyard to bottle. Jennifer’s dedication shines through in products like the L’Orange Orange Passionfruit Spritz—a sparkling testament to her unwavering standards.

Every aspect of Delola—from its sustainable agriculture approach to its innovative flavor combinations—reflects Jennifer Lopez’s ambition to elevate wine drinking into an art form accessible everyone can enjoy.

Made with premium organic ingredients

Delola Wine sets the standard high by using only premium organic ingredients in its creation. Nestled within the lush landscapes of Spain, these vineyards are meticulously tended to ensure that every grape meets the brand’s strict standards for sustainability and natural cultivation.

This approach guarantees a wine that is not just flavorful but also respects the environment.

Crafted with care, each bottle of Delola Wine captures the essence of Spain’s rich winemaking heritage combined with modern sustainable practices. The use of natural botanicals adds a unique layer of complexity and taste to the cocktails, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a premium organic wine experience.

These handpicked ingredients contribute to creating drinks that are lower in calories and gluten-free, catering perfectly to health-conscious wine lovers.

Exploring further into Delola’s offerings reveals three delightful flavors waiting to entice your palate.

Three delicious flavors

Delola Wine offers three delectable flavors to elevate your wine experience: Bella Berry Spritz, L’Orange Spritz, and Paloma Rosa Spritz. Each flavor is carefully crafted with premium organic ingredients to provide a unique and refreshing taste for every occasion.

Bella Berry Spritz

Bella Berry Spritz dazzles with its unique blend of natural botanicals and premium spirits, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate quality and taste. This crafted cocktail bursts with the flavors of fresh berries, seamlessly combined with the smoothness of top-tier liquor.

Its sparkling essence captures the essence of Spain’s vibrant vineyards, offering a refreshing and fruity experience that’s both gluten-free and lower in calories.

Every sip transports you to sunny Spanish fields; moreover, where organic ingredients meet innovative winemaking techniques. Furthermore, The Bella Berry Spritz is not just a drink; it’s an invitation to enjoy life’s finer moments. Additionally, it’s responsibly crafted for wine enthusiasts seeking pleasure without compromise.

With its delightful berry notes and crisp finish, this cocktail promises a memorable drinking experience. Additionally, it aligns perfectly with Delola’s commitment to exceptional taste and health-conscious indulgence.

L’Orange Spritz

Transitioning from the refreshing flavors of Bella Berry Spritz, the -L’Orange Spritz by Delola Wine offers a delightful combination of premium amaro, orange, and passionfruit. Moreover, made with natural botanicals and gluten-free ingredients, this sparkling cocktail provides a fruity and aromatic experience for discerning palates.

Delola L'Orange Spritz, 375 ml, 21 Proof
Delola L'Orange Spritz, 375 ml, 21 Proof
Delola L'Orange Spritz, 375 ml, 21 Proof

Indulge in the refreshing and vibrant taste of Delola L'Orange Spritz, a delightful sparkling cocktail meticulously crafted with premium amaro, tangy orange, and luscious passionfruit. This 375 ml bottle boasts a 21 Proof alcohol content, providing the perfect balance of flavor and kick. Founded by the iconic Jennifer Lopez, Delola promises a taste of the good life with natural ingredients, gluten-free formulation, and only 107 calories per serving. Elevate your cocktail experience effortlessly with this ready-to-enjoy spritz. Simply pour over ice and savor the exquisite blend of flavors in every sip.

  • Premium Ingredients: Delola L'Orange Spritz is made with top-quality spirits and natural botanicals, ensuring a rich and authentic taste experience.
  • Low-Calorie Option: With just 107 calories per serving, this spritz offers a guilt-free indulgence, allowing you to enjoy the flavors without compromising your dietary goals.
  • Gluten-Free Formulation: Crafted to accommodate various dietary preferences, Delola is gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities to savor without worry.
  • Limited Availability: Depending on your location, availability of Delola L'Orange Spritz may be restricted, making it challenging to procure.
  • Moderate Alcohol Content: While the 10.5% ABV provides a pleasant buzz, those seeking a higher alcohol concentration may find this spritz relatively mild.
  • Single Flavor Option: While the orange flavor is undoubtedly refreshing, individuals looking for a variety of flavor profiles may find the lack of options limiting.

For wine enthusiasts seeking a crisp and invigorating drink, the -L’Orange Spritz stands out with its balanced blend of premium spirits that ensures a top-tier drinking experience. Furthermore, crafted to perfection with just the right amount of liquor in each bottle, it guarantees an enjoyable taste that complements any occasion.

With lower calorie content and options catering to those with dietary restrictions, this spritz is an ideal choice for individuals looking for healthier alternatives without compromising on flavor. Additionally, Delola’s dedication to using natural botanicals shines through in their -L’Orange Spritz as it delivers a burst of refreshing zest combined with the smoothness of high-quality spirits.

Paloma Rosa Spritz

Crafted with premium spirits and natural botanicals, the Paloma Rosa Spritz from Delola offers a delightful blend of flavors. This sparkling cocktail features a combination of rose, grapefruit, and tequila for a refreshing and invigorating taste.

Delola Paloma Rosa Spritz, 375 ml, 23 Proof
Delola Paloma Rosa Spritz, 375 ml, 23 Proof
Delola Paloma Rosa Spritz, 375 ml, 23 Proof

The vibrant flavors of Delola Paloma Rosa Spritz, a 375 ml bottle of pure delight. Crafted by Delola, founded by Jennifer Lopez, this sparkling cocktail combines premium tequila with the refreshing essence of grapefruit and elderflower. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or celebrating with friends, this gluten-free spritz is your go-to choice. With only 110 calories per serving and a moderate 11.5% ABV, it's the perfect guilt-free indulgence. Simply pour over ice and let the festivities begin!

  • Premium Ingredients: Delola Paloma Rosa Spritz is crafted using premium tequila and natural botanicals, ensuring a high-quality drinking experience.
  • Low Calorie: With just 110 calories per serving, this spritz allows you to enjoy a delicious cocktail without worrying about excessive calorie intake.
  • Versatile Pairing: Its vibrant flavors pair well with a variety of foods, especially Mexican and Latin American dishes, enhancing your dining experience.
  • Limited Availability: As a specialty product, Delola Paloma Rosa Spritz may not be readily available in all locations, limiting accessibility for some consumers.
  • Sweetness Level: The elderflower and grapefruit flavors tend to be sweeter, which might not suit fans of drier cocktails.
  • Price Point: Due to its premium ingredients and craftsmanship, this spritz may be priced higher, which could limit accessibility for budget-conscious consumers.

With its lower calorie content and gluten-free formula, this spritz is an excellent choice for those seeking a healthier yet indulgent beverage option.

Delola’s Paloma Rosa Spritz exudes quality with its carefully balanced ingredients to deliver an exceptional drinking experience. Ideal for casual wine drinkers or enthusiasts seeking a flavorful alternative, this spritz embodies the essence of premium organic wine from Spain that is synonymous with Delola’s commitment to superior taste and craftsmanship.

How to Get Delola Wine

Get your hands on Delola Wine through convenient options like store pickup, local delivery, or direct shipment to your home. Experience the ease of access to these premium organic wines for effortless enjoyment.

Store pickup

You can conveniently pick up your favorite Delola Wine at the Prestige Wine & Spirits store. This option allows you to quickly access the premium organic wine and crafted cocktails without having to wait for delivery.

With store pickup, you can easily integrate Delola’s high-quality products into your collection or enjoy them at home whenever you desire.

Local delivery

Delola Wine offers convenient local delivery of its premium organic wine and crafted cocktails, making it easier for enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite beverages without leaving the comfort of their own home.

This service ensures that both casual drinkers and collectors have easy access to Delola’s high-quality products directly at their doorstep, saving time and effort in procuring their preferred wines and spritzes.

With a focus on customer convenience, this local delivery option aligns with Delola’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences and superior spirits to its discerning clientele. Moreover, customers can take advantage of the local delivery option from Delola Wine, ensuring that they never run out of their favorite premium organic wine or expertly-crafted cocktails.

Additionally, this accessible service caters to those seeking a hassle-free way to enjoy top-notch beverages conveniently delivered straight to them.

Shipment to home

If local delivery isn’t an option for you, Delola Wine offers the convenience of shipment to your home. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur looking to add premium organic wine from Spain to your collection or simply want to enjoy the delicious flavors of Delola spritzes without leaving your home, getting your favorite spirits delivered is easy.

With just a few clicks, you can have the carefully crafted cocktails and premium organic wines delivered right to your doorstep, ensuring that you never run out of your preferred libations.

Delola understands that modern consumers value convenience and choice when it comes to purchasing their favorite liquors. That’s why they provide seamless shipping options for those who prefer the ease of having their orders brought directly to them.

The Delola Life: A World of Crafted Cocktails

Craft your own crafted cocktails at home with Delola Wine, carefully made for convenience and enjoyment. Discover the delightful blend of natural botanicals and unique flavor combinations that make Delola Wine the perfect choice for any occasion.

Read on to explore an array of flavorful options waiting for you to savor!

Lower in calories* and gluten-free

Crafted with natural botanicals, Delola spritzes and cocktails offer a healthier choice for those watching their calorie intake or following a gluten-free diet. The premium spirits used in these drinks are expertly blended to create satisfying flavor profiles, providing an enjoyable drinking experience without compromising on taste.

Delola Wine also maintains these standards, ensuring that wine enthusiasts can indulge in delicious flavors while adhering to their dietary needs and preferences.

Unique flavor combinations

Delola Wine prides itself on offering unique flavor combinations that cater to a variety of palates. With options like Bella Berry Spritz, L’Orange Spritz, and Paloma Rosa Spritz, there’s something for everyone.

Each cocktail is carefully crafted with premium spirits and natural botanicals to ensure a distinct and memorable taste experience. The L’Orange Orange Passionfruit spritz offers a refreshing and fruity flavor profile, while the Paloma Rosa Spritz tantalizes the senses with its delicate balance of flavors.

Delola’s commitment to innovative combinations ensures that every sip delivers an unparalleled drinking experience.

The brand’s dedication to creating unique flavor pairings sets them apart in the wine industry. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or casual drinker, Delola’s offerings provide an opportunity to explore new taste sensations in the world of crafted cocktails.

Crafted for convenience and enjoyment

Delola’s carefully crafted cocktails and spritzes are designed to offer a convenient and enjoyable drinking experience. Whether you’re hosting a get-together, relaxing after work, or simply unwinding on the weekend, Delola’s premium spirit-based cocktails provide an effortless way to savor high-quality drinks without the need for extensive preparation.

The thoughtfully balanced flavors and lower calorie options make Delola’s offerings perfect for anyone seeking both convenience and exceptional taste in their cocktail choices.

Delola makes enjoying a luxurious drink experience effortlessly convenient with its spritzes and cocktails. These expertly crafted beverages cater to individuals looking for an easy yet satisfying option that captures the essence of premium liquor combined with natural botanicals.

Where to Buy Delola Wine

Where to Buy Delola Wine: Prestige Wine & Spirits store is a great option for picking up your favorite flavor, and there are convenient online options with delivery and pickup available as well. Corporate concierge services can also help you get your hands on this premium organic wine.

Prestige Wine & Spirits store

Prestige Wine & Spirits store offers a selection of Delola Wine, known for its premium organic quality and delicious flavors. Moreover, this renowned store provides the perfect destination for wine enthusiasts. Additionally, where they can find the unique and carefully crafted cocktails of Delola.

With convenient options like online delivery and pickup services, Prestige Wine & Spirits allows customers to easily access these high-quality spirits and wines from Spain. Furthermore, located at the heart of exquisite offerings, Prestige Wine & Spirits store is an ideal spot for wine collectors seeking exceptional premium liquors.

Moreover, the store’s commitment to providing top-tier products aligns with Delola’s dedication to offering natural botanicals, lower calorie options, and gluten-free choices that cater to discerning consumers’ tastes.

Online options with delivery and pickup

For those unable to visit the Prestige Wine & Spirits store, Delola Wine offers online options with both delivery and pickup. This convenient service ensures that enthusiasts, collectors, and casual wine drinkers can access these premium organic spirits from the comfort of their own homes.

Customers can browse through a selection of refreshing spritzes and exquisite wines on the official Delola website. The online platform provides a seamless shopping experience, allowing individuals to explore the range of flavors and place orders easily.

Upon selecting their desired items, customers have the choice of either home delivery or in-store pickup for added flexibility and convenience. The delivery option transports bottles of Delola Wine safely directly to customers’ doorsteps, while pickup enables swift collection at a nearby location.

Corporate concierge services

For those who prefer a more personalized and seamless experience, Delola Wine offers corporate concierge services. Additionally, this exclusive service ensures that businesses can effortlessly access the premium organic wine and crafted cocktails they desire for client entertaining or corporate events.

Furthermore, the concierge services provide tailored solutions, including bulk orders, customized packaging, and direct delivery to your office or event location. With an emphasis on convenience and luxury, this option caters to the discerning needs of businesses looking to elevate their offerings with top-tier beverages.

Additionally, the corporate concierge services can accommodate specific branding requirements such as personalized labeling or custom gift sets featuring Delola’s exquisite products.


Let’s raise a toast to Delola Wine, the premium organic wine from Spain that offers an exquisite taste and high quality. Crafting cocktails such as Bella Berry Spritz and L’Orange Spritz involves using natural botanicals and ensuring they are gluten-free, ensuring a delightful drinking experience.

Furthermore, with lower calorie options, Delola caters to health-conscious consumers without compromising on flavor or quality. Embrace the world of crafted cocktails with Delola, where every sip is a celebration of exceptional taste and natural ingredients.


1. What makes Delola Wine organic?

Delola Wine earns its organic designation due to its production from grapes cultivated without the utilization of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

2. Where is Delola Wine produced?

Spain produces Delola Wine, renowned for its rich winemaking tradition and ideal climate for grape cultivation.

3. Is Delola Wine suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, The winemaking process for Delola Wine does not involve the use of any animal-derived products, making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

4. How does Delola ensure the quality of its wine?

Delola ensures the quality of its wine by carefully handpicking organically grown grapes and using traditional winemaking methods with minimal intervention.

5. Where can I purchase Delola Wine?

You can purchase Delola Wine online through their official website or at select retailers specializing in premium organic wines.

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